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Why Performance Scrubs?

Antimicrobial Properties

Performance Scrubs utilize a technology developed by Milliken & Company to provide a powerful, naturally occurring, antimicrobial component that is unique to the scrubs industry. The secret comes in the form of microscopic silver ions, which are then infused in to the material and activated when they come in contact with moisture. And while only a few forward-thinking companies are working with antimicrobial technology, our scrubs are the only ones on the market in which the antimicrobial ingredients don't wash out. That's long-lasting protection you can trust.

And did we mention...

Made in the USA!

We are proud to be the only company that manufactures 100% of our scrubs in the United States. Our fantastic team in Alabama, which was once known at the "Cut and Sew Capital" in the country, is highly experienced and committed to providing you with the absolute finest workmanship you'll find anywhere.

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Made in the USA