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Dear folks at Performance Scrubs, I recently purchased a pair of your scrubs that have made me a customer for life and the envy of my department! I'm planning on getting another pair within the next few days. Thanks much for excellent service and excellent scrubs!

Isaiah Bartel, Kansas


My son and I were at the Cheesecake factory eating dinner and saw a man wearing your scrubs. My son is entering nursing school and had to have scrubs like those so we asked him where he got them and ordered some! Amie Smith, Texas


Ok, I have one of every color and style that y'all make, when are you going to get some new colors so I can order more?

Tara Radley, Tennessee


"I LOVE this skirt! It is comfortable all year long. It doesn't matter how often I need to wash it, I know I can throw it in the washer, hang it up and it;s dry in the morning - and the BEST thing is I don't have to iron it! Milagros Lozada, Connecticut


These scrubs are amazing! I wear the pants as well as the cute skirts with the tops. I need more tops because I like to mix them all around. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Being an RN working in a professional spa and vein clinic, I like that fact that the scrubs are both sharp and professional looking. I get compliments all of the time! Cherie Tauro, RN, Connecticut


"I have thrown out all my "cotton incubators" and now wear only Performance Scrubs!" Anonymous


I have now thrown away all my cotton scrubs. Yours are the most comfortable I have ever worn, these are exactly what I was searching for. At last scrubs enter the 21st century. PS. Polo shirts with the sleeve pocket would be perfect for traveling!  Chris, RN


I really debated the ankle slit or not -- one of the problems I find with scrubs, being a short, curvy woman, is that they are too often very WIDE at the ankle, and I end up with a hem diameter that is bigger than my feet! I'm really hoping these are more straight (or even tapered) than some of the big name brands (i.e. urbane, landau) to avoid this problem. Also -- LOVE that these are American made. Found them by googling American-made scrubs. Beth Morgan, Texas


I love your scrubs. They are comfortable easy to care for and always look fresh never wrinkled even after 13+ hours. I am now replacing them after 2 years of constant use. I'm starting to get some "wear" on the material where badges continually rub. Deborah Gum, Florida


Very, very, pleased with my scrubs. Will probably be ordering more tonight. (Which he did) Kerry Bush, Kentucky


Hi, I love these scrubs and would have a closet full of them if the pants had a zip fly and a flap for the back pocket so my wallet doesn't fall out. Otherwise they are awesome! It's like wearing pajamas to work.

Daniel Han


One of the respiratory therapists at the hospital had a pair of the scrubs on and I loved them! Melissa Rumschik, Ohio


I love that these items are made in America.

Marnie Clark, Missouri


I got five pair of scrubs and one jacket . My first two pair of scrubs I got three years ago and they still look new. I have told many people that it's well worth the price because they will be the last scrubs you have to buy they last that long. Thank you so much I will order more just to have extra. Jodie Roberts-Moe


I choose performance scrubs to make a good impression. They are very nice; I get compliments from staff and patients. Jake P., Oklahoma


I received my scrubs, thank you!  Everyone thinks they are very nice; I tell them they are very, very comfortable.  I love them!  Thanks again, you will be hearing from me soon. Rodney J., Jackson, Mississippi


Wow! Fits great! Looks Great! Feels Great!! My new favorite Scrubs! It like wearing Nike Dry Fit! Kristopher Hassell


These scrubs make anyone look better. They are flattering as well as practical. I would wear them anywhere. Marie Kenerson


Love their scrubs, they fit and feel great on, get so many compliments when I wear them!! Debra Gray


A girl at work received a set from her mom for Christmas, and we all fell in love with them. Timberly Freeman, Tennessee


I found your company by searching for scrubs made in America. Thank you for a great product and for keeping the jobs here. Emily, Maryland


4UMD has ordered our office these before. I actually got the slate grey set, trimmed in the raspberry. I like them really well but thought I would get 2 more tops to wear with my pants just to change it up a bit. They are awesome.  Vicki P., Russellville, Alabama


I searched for American made scrubs and found you guys on a shop America site...building, buying and supporting American made goods and union made goods is something that my family strives to do. Thanks you for keeping jobs in America. Zach J., Ohio


I love the scrubs! I'm going to check out the sporty top next and the scrubs are creating a buzz here in south Texas. Hopefully, we can get more schools and hospitals on board. Kenneth R., MD, Texas


Perfection!!! received the scrub pants,complete with the badge holder!! Thank you so very much. They wear extremely well, no fade,no shrink, and very durable. Karen S., Tucson, Arizona


Brought 2 pairs of scrubs, love them!!!!  First time I wore them, people said, "did you lose weight!"  Lol!  Besides the fact that they look and feel great! Thanks for the great scrubs!! Danielle R., Duluth, Minnesota

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I love my new scrubs. I can't wait to put them on every morning!

April Baxter, Tennessee


I absolutely love your scrubs, they are the most comfortable I have ever worn. As a CNO, I appreciate the professionalism they project as well. Jan Lentz, Alabama


I get comments all the time about how good the scrubs look! They are so comfortable almost like wearing your pj's to work! LOL. You should consider coming back to the hospital for another show. Thanks!

Donna Sinclair, Tennessee


I love your scrubs....this is the 2nd time I have ordered them and at this point I do not want any other kind...I'm associated with Leesburg Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital Waterman (I'm a rounding nurse). Jessica Cassella, Florida


I love that your scrubs are made in the USA! They're the only ones we can find that are 100% made in America and all my wife will wear!

Tim Terrillion, Tennessee


I have one set of your scrubs and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Missed the last time you were at our facility and would like to order a couple more sets EXACTLY like my last ones. Sue Allen, Tennessee


I saw another doctor in the hallway with your scrubs on and had to have a pair for myself. If these work out...you have a loyal customer for a long time to come!  Ann Foxx, Arizona


Dear folks at Performance Scrubs, I recently purchased a pair of your scrubs that have made me a customer for life and the envy of my department! I'm planning on getting another pair within the next few days. Isiah, North Carolina


HI! I'm currently a LPN and beginning RN school in the fall. We just received our uniforms for the semester. I JUST HAVE TO SAY WOW!!! I have never worn scrubs so comfortable and look so stylish! THANK YOU!!! These are amazing. I've posted on Facebook and told all my nursing friends how great these are. Again, Thank you! Look to order more in the future! Cody Burgett


Man I love your scrubs! They attract about 80% less animal hair than any other scrubs and they are unbelievably comfortable. My wife says I look good in scrubs for a change!  Michael Christopher, Tennessee


I have three pair of your Scrubs and love them. They don't wrinkle, even though they are black they don't collect lent, and they are very comfortable. I also love that they are made here in the USA!

Sharon Jenkins, Idaho


Local Ortho doctor was wearing a pair of performance scrubs, they looked great and he said they were really comfortable. I am excited about getting a pair."  Marquis Weir, Tennessee


Just got the scrubs in the mail, and they look GREAT! They fit perfectly, and so far my roommates have drooled over them. I can't wait to debut them when I start on night shift next week - I'll be sure to show them off and point everyone in the direction of your website! I'm sure that they'll be a big hit.  Lauren Siewny, Ohio


I googled comfortable scrubs. Can't wait to get them and try them out. I work at Arkansas Children's Hospital and will show them off to coworkers!  Amanda Berstler, Arkansas


Thanks! Great idea AND made in the USA! : )

Cindy Cossuto, Colorado


Thank you! Performance Scrubs have transformed my medical team into a marketing team as well. We love they are made in the USA!



I ordered these scrub pants for my daughter in nursing school. She loved the fit and look of the pants. They wash beautifully and are available in so many colors. Best of all - they are made in the USA!

Dani B.


Thank you for making your product in the USA.

Sandy MacFarlane, Indiana


I like your scrubs because of the 3/4 sleeve! I could never find it anywhere. I also love the collar which makes it look more dressy. Women's wear never has any pockets and I want pockets for my glasses and phone. With your scrubs I have actually worn them to church and at home when I am not working. Caroline Newman


I am so pleased to see that you will donate a portion of my purchase to my hospital, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters!!! It really makes the whole purchase worthwhile. Emily, Virginia


We found your flier at an Orthodontic conference. We placed a large order with your company about a year ago. The scrubs are extremely comfortable and the best part is that there is no need to iron them.

Robert L., Rhode Island


Thank you for an awesome product; my girlfriend loves her new scrubs. Most importantly thank you for the amazing service. I will recommend everyone to your company as well as make any future purchases from your company. Gary W., Florida


I love my Performance Scrubs! I do wear them the most because your scrubs are the best. Your scrubs are for me a luxurious sports car.

Justin M., RN, Mansfield, Ohio


I would just like to say that you all have the best customer service and responsiveness I have experienced in a very long time. Thank you.

Lynn Klees


Coworker here at the University of Kansas Med Center wears your scrubs. They look terrific and I am in need of new scrubs myself. Benjamin H., Missouri


I have been searching for made in USA scrubs (and everything else), so I'm glad I found you! Karen H., San Jose, California


I want to pay a highest compliment regarding the quality of your products.  Thus far, I've purchased 2 pair of scrub sets and will be ordering another 2 pair soon.  I am a bright color person as I believe it to be a way to give something bright and cheery to my patients.  The quality of the workmanship is very fine.  The feel and wear of the material is beyond  comparison.  I perspire heavily as a norm and these scrubs save me in terms of discomfort.  I just can't speak highly enough and am quick to pass this on to my colleagues.  Thanks you for your great service and product.  Please consider school-bus yellow as a future color.

Peter N., RN, New Hampshire

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