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Why Performance?

Technology is a driving force within the health care industry. Yet the uniforms worn by most professionals have gone unchanged for decades. Through our partnership with one of the largest and most successful textile manufacturers in the world, we've created a high-tech fabric that truly speaks to the needs of today's health care workers. With all the innovative and high-tech benefits of our scrubs we're also able to offer a product that provides the ultimate in comfort, flexibility and durability.


Moisture Wicking

Fade Resistant


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Comfortable Scrubs

When we asked health care professionals around the country what mattered most when choosing their scrubs the overwhelming response was "comfort." So we knew our fabric needed to be lightweight and ultra-soft while still providing maximum durability. Our technically engineered, micro-fiber polyester provides all that and more. Not only will our scrubs look fantastic after more than 100 cold-water washings, but they also offer a level of flexibility that we believe to be unmatched in the industry.

Moisture Wicking

Competitive athletes have known about the benefits of moisture-wicking fabric for years, and we know that at the end of a long shift, you might feel like you've run a marathon. With our dual-ply moisture wicking material, sweat is pulled away from your body and trapped in the quick drying fabric where it quickly evaporates. The result is you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. This feature also helps provide temperature control, which means that even on the hottest or coldest days, your core body temperature will stay just right. So when it feels like you've run a marathon, it won't look like you have!

Fade and Stain Resistant

Watching the color you paid for go down the drain after just a handful of washings is a thing of the past. Our colorfast material is designed to combat fading so your Performance Scrubs will always look as good as they did when you first put them on.

Wrinkle Resistant

Time is always an issue. The Performance material is designed to be wrinkle free, so ironing your scrubs is a thing of the past.  Simply hanging your scrubs up after you wash them will prevent your scrubs from wrinkling.  Say goodbye to ironing - for good!

Odor Control

The antimicrobial properties in Performance Scrubs reduce the growth of bacteria and its odor by-product. So, when you're working in close quarters you will have the confidence of knowing that you smell as fresh as you did when you started your day.

Antimicrobial Properties

Performance Scrubs utilize a technology developed by Milliken & Company to provide a powerful, naturally occurring, antimicrobial component that is unique to the scrubs industry. The secret comes in the form of microscopic silver ions, which are then infused in to the material and activated when they come in contact with moisture. And while only a few forward-thinking companies are working with antimicrobial technology, our scrubs are the only ones on the market in which the antimicrobial ingredients don't wash out. That's long-lasting protection you can trust.


Made in the USA!

We are proud to be the only company that manufactures 100% of our scrubs in the United States. Our fantastic team in Alabama, which was once known at the "Cut and Sew Capital" in the country, is highly experienced and committed to providing you with the absolute finest workmanship you'll find anywhere.

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